This flower essence blend helps minimise the amount and frequency of emotional eruptions! Everything we have to process on a daily basis can build up in our energy body and often all our emotions are stored for later when it feels 'safe' to let loose. TT helps us to process and safely release emotions as they occur rather than save them all up for that one big mother load.


For Kids: A blend for easing your little one out of a complete melt down (when you see the early warning signs!) and for yourself when feeling like you are about to have your own adult sized tanty! This blend calms, soothes and reassures. A great blend to use for helping with any emotions surrounding separation difficulties between you and your child so especially good if there are issues with daycare/school drop off etc.


Combination of Australian Bush Flower Essences Ingedients:Hairy yellow pea, hybid pink fairy, purple flag flower, Fringed Lilly Twiner, Pink fairy orchid, Ethanol, Water.

Flower Essences TT 30mls