Enlighten - Crown Chakra Flower Essences 30mls


There is no particular concentration of neuropeptides at the crown of the head. Many cultures, however, hold that the seventh chakra – the seat of intention – is actually above the head in the body’s energy field. Since scientists have placed the capacity for intention beyond the brain, it may well exist in the region associated with the seventh chakra.

The molecules of emotion, most densely concentrated in the brain, are constantly radiating electromagnetic energy.


Governs: vitalizes the upper brain (cerebrum).


Blockages of this chakra result in: can manifest emotional problems like feelings of alienation and condemnation, over-active thinking, dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression.


If this chakra is too open, can result in: psychotic or manic depressive, frustrated


Ingredients: Combination of Australian Bush Flower Essences, Brandy and Water.

Directions: 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily

Enlighten - Crown Chakra Flower Essences 30mls