Enlighten Mist 50mls - Third Eye Chakra 


The sixth chakra is found at the center of your forehead, the third eye. This is the Ajna chakra. Your decisions, intuition, and choice-making are connected with this chakra, whose associated color is purple.


The mantra that corresponds with this chakra is Sham.


In Balance: 

Ajna means “beyond wisdom,” and in balance you experience expanded imagination, clairvoyance, synchronicity, and intuition.

Too Much: 

When the third eye chakra is overactive, the mind races. You can feel that buzzy energy of over-caffeination or sleeplessness. It can be difficult to concentrate or stay on task

Not Enough:

Low or blocked Ajna energy impedes your ability to remember and concentrate. Processing speed slows and you may be prone to procrastination and indecision.


Enlighten mist is a combination of essential oils and flower essences to help balance the Crown chakra. 


Directions: Spray the area you are most commonly using. Spray in the air and walk towards the mist.


Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not ingest.

Keep away from mouth and eyes. Keep away from pets


Enlighten Mist