Phytobiophysics FF13 Evening Primrose Flower Formula can benefit children, teenagers and adults who are in stressful situations. Stresses from work or school including bullying can leave one feeling drained. Such issues can also lead to frequent urination, bed wetting, sleep problems and random outbursts. Stress can seriously impact on overall health if left undealt with. In particular it can cause severe stress to the kidney and adrenal functions which can cause lower back pain. Evening Primrose naturally calms anxiety and stress, and allows oneself to more calmly deal with stressful situations. It can also aid the absorption of all vitamins.

Ingredients: Essences of Evening Primrose, Balck Medick, Butchers Broom and Fumiotry, Sucrose.

Recommended doseage: 1 tablet three times a day

FF13 Phytobiophysics