The Phytobiophysics FF20 Anemone Flower Formula may helps with fears and nightmares. The Red anemone flower provides the mind with clarity and stability. It allows one to move forward and to begin recovering from a pain resulting from physical unhappiness. It can be useful for those who have suffered a bereavement, are experiencing dark thoughts or who have experience a terrible shock or incident. This flower formula provides supports to those who are suffering from painful, dark issues. It may also benefit those who feel victimised. A physical benefit of this formula includes its ability to revitalise hormones such as endorphin. This helps to speed up the body's own natural healing process.

Ingredients: Essences of Dark Red Anemone, Great Willow Herb, Wood Woundwort, Comfrey and Figwort, Sucrose.

Recommended doseage: 1 tablet three times a day

FF20 Phytobiophysics