Sandra has been conducting Iridology for over 25 years, incorporating emotional & physical Iridology. She is a certified iridologist with IIPA and also an Iridology Certified Instructor.


This brief Iridology report is to give you a little insight about what Iridology is, what your eyes may reveal.


This does not give you a diagnosis.

There will be no recommendations on supplements or what protocols to follow as such.


There will be some information about what foods are better suited to your iridology constitution. 


Further information may be required or a consultation to get to the root cause of a problem you may be experiencing at the moment, and an appointment would be suggested.


Photos of your irises are submitted and messaged via what’s app 0871047727 or email to Information is emailed back on areas most important and what the iris reveals.

Brief Iridology Report