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Meditation Pack 


1 x Lavender Eye Pillow (choose the design)

1 x Calm Balm 15gms

1 x Enlighten Mist 50mls

1 x SleepTea

1 x Epson Salts 

1 x Gift Box 


Lavender Eye Pillow

A lavender eye pillow is an easy, and highly effective way to relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of lavender.

Simply place the eye pillow over your eyes, breathe in, relax and enjoy the calming effects of lavender. Stress relief couldn't be any easier!

Natural lavender pillow for aromatherapy. Free from any harmful chemicals.

Relaxing the eyes with an eye pillow also helps relax the eyebrows, cheekbones and temples. They are also helpful for headache pain, sinus relief and muscle relief.

Heat up or cool down.

By cooling the eye pillow you can refresh the eyes, neck and shoulders on a hot summer's day. Placing the pillow in the freezer for about 10 minutes, or , in the refrigerator for about an 1hour (make sure to put it the plastic bag it comes in). When the coolness wears off, turn the pillow over and the other side will give you additional cooling relief for some extra time.

Heat in a microwave for 30 seconds, place on sore tired muscles.

Attention: Never place the eye pillow directly on the eyes or neck when it is too hot!


Calm Balm 15gms 

Calm balm is a combination of infused herbs and essential oils, designed to calm and soothe children, teenagers and adults  in moments of distress or upset. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

When to Use: Anytime you are  feeling emotional and overwhelmed. Ideal to use after a hard day at work or when you are particularly anxious or upset. Also perfect to use as part of a bedtime routine to aid sleep. 

Contains: Essential oil Vetiver,  Vetiver oil is best used to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety, primarily for its calming effects.

Lavender can reduce anxiety and help calm people in stressful situations.

Chamomile oils has the ability to calm & reduce anxiety.

Directions: apply to your wrists as a perfume, or to the soles of your feet before bed. 


Enlighted Mist 50mls 

Helps to balance the crown chakra and assists with meditation, inner and outer beauty, connection and states of bliss.
The part of the physical body this blend will energetically support are: vitalizes the upper brain (cerebrum).
Blockages of this chakra can result in: can manifest emotional problems like feelings of alienation and condemnation, over-active thinking, dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression.
If this chakra is too open, can result in: psychotic or manic depressive, frustrated.
Ingredients: Combination of Essential oils and Australian Bush flower essences

Directions: Gently shake and mist 3-4 sprays into the air above your head and let the mist settle over you. Alternatively, mist 3-4 sprays in front of you and walk through the mist. Can also be used as a room mist to add the flower essence vibrations and beautiful scent to the space you are in. Spray around the room and into any area that needs an energy shift. Wonderful for your living areas, bedrooms, car, offices, classrooms or even on your pillow before bed. 

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Do not ingest. Keep away from mouth and eyes. Keep away from pets.


Herbal Tea

Directions: Add 1/4 level teaspoon into a mug, Pour over hot boiling water and let it simmer for 5-10mins. Strain out the herbs and drink. Best made with a plunger or tea strainer.


Epson Salts

Add to bath or a warm foot soak (not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding) 


All products are 100% all Natural and Irish Made

Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding or children under 8 years of age. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

Meditation Pack

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