1 x happy and calm mist 50ml

1 x calm drops 30ml

1 x herbal formula S 100 mls


Happy and Calm Mist 50mls

Create a happy and calm environment for your little ones with the cheerful and calming aromas of orange, lavender, chamomile and frankincense pure essential oils in this uplifting mist. Also contains a combination of Australian Bush flower essences to create a calming environment for you and your family.

Directions: Gently shake and mist 3-4 sprays into the air above your head and let the mist settle over you. Alternatively, mist 3-4 sprays in front of you and walk through the mist. Can also be used as a room mist to add the flower essence vibrations and beautiful scent to the space you are in. Spray around the room and into any area that needs an energy shift


Calm Drops 30mls

The Calm & Clear Drops help to find time for yourself, to relax without external pressures and demands, as well as to wind down and enjoy relaxing pursuits

Directions: Take 7 drops morning and night under the tongue.


Herbal formula S 100mls

Contains a combination of herbs: Rose, Rhodiola, Rosemary, Oats & Lavender, along with Australian Flower essences to help with the external pressures and demands, and also aids a good night sleep.

Directions: 20 drops three times a day mixed with water




Relax Pack

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