Renew Balm 


This blend helps to prevent and diminish the appearance of wrinkles by giving your skin more elasticity. We all are aging every day, but why not slow it down a bit and bring back a bit of youthfulness.

Made with all-natural ingredients including Shea,  Cocoa Butter, Evening primrose oil infused in Olive oil,  Tamanu oil,  Almond oil infused with Rose,  Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Geraniumm Grapefruit,  Beeswax  and Vitamin E. 


Tamanu oil is an emollient. Having a higher fatty acid content than many other oils, it contains both oleic and linoleic fatty acids which are powerful moisturisers.

Studies1,2 have shown that applying tamanu oil topically can regenerate the dermis (the skin barrier), aid wound healing, inhibit collagen breakdown by UV rays and stimulate collagen production by fibroblasts – boosting cell proliferation (growth/turnover for healthier cells) and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which create and maintain collagen and elastin. It’s packed with antioxidants such as vitamin C which protect skin from damaging free radicals and contribute to collagen synthesis – the process that’s crucial for forming stable collagen which ultimately enables skin repair. It also has antibacterial properties plus it contains calophyllolide – an anti-inflammatory and delta tocotrienol – a form of Vitamin E.


Directions: Apply to areas of the neck and under the arms. Twice daily, morning and night. 


Avoid if pregnant or breasfeeding. 


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Renew Balm