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Sinus Pack


1 x Lavender Eye Pillow 

1 x Clear Balm 15gms (Sinus)

1 x Gift Box 


Lavender Eye Pillow

Handmade, lavender eye pillows are easy, and highly effective way to relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of lavender

Simply place the eye pillow over your eyes, breathe in, relax and enjoy the calming effects of lavender. Stress relief couldn't be any easier!

Free from any harmful chemicals.

Relaxing the eyes with an eye pillow also helps relax the eyebrows, cheekbones and temples.

They are also helpful for headache and muscle relief.


Heat up or cool down

By cooling the eye and/or neck pillow you can refresh the eyes, neck and shoulders on a hot summer's day.

Placing the pillow in the freezer for about 10 minutes, or put it in a plastic bag or zip lock bag in you refrigerator for about an hour. When the coolness wears off, turn the pillow over and the other side will give you additional cooling relief for some extra time.


Heat in a microwave for 30 seconds,  place on sore tired muscles. (Take it out of the plastic bag before placing it in the microwave)

Attention: Never place the eye pillow directly on the eyes or neck when it is too hot!


100% Irish handmade


Clear Balm (Sinus)

Sinus pain can be debilitating, especially when it’s the pollen season. A natural balm now available to help ease the pain associated with sinusitis. Made from infused herbs and essential oils to help give relief from sinus congestion.




Review from Customer:

When I first applied this Sinus Balm to my forehead within a few minutes I felt relief. The pain and sinus pressure eased shortly afterwards leaving my airway’s freer. The consistency of this sinus balm is transparent so it’s discreet to apply and perfect for use on the go. The scent is soothing and brings you comfort. I would definitely recommend this balm as a must have for any sinus sufferers. AC



Sinus rub


Gertie – December 17, 2021


Love the smell of this product and no horrible stuff in it. It works and I didn’t know until Sandra said to me I can also put on my feet. A wonder product