Sleep Easy Pack


1 x Sleep balm

1 x Formula H

1 x Sleep ezy mist


Sleep Balm

review from a customer: 'Great to get me back to sleep in the middle of the night - UH'

Create a dreamy paradise and drift off into sweet dreams with the relaxing aromas

Ingredients: lavender, chamomile, clary sage, sweet orange and petitgrain in this calming balm blend

Directions: apply a small amount of balm to temples and to wrists before bed and if you wake up druring the night, apply a small amount to the soles of the feet. organic and natural sourced ingredients

Handmade in very small batches

Recycled glass jars


Formula H

Ingredients: Humulus lupulus,  Scutellaria,  Passiflora incarnata, Withania somnifera, Lavandula, Melissa Officinalis, Rosa and Australian Bush Flower Essences


Scutellaria: Skullcap,  Baicalin, a compound found in both American and Chinese skullcap, is used to treat insomnia in traditional medicine practices


Passiflora Incarnata: Passionflower is promoted as a dietary supplement for anxiety and sleep problems, as well as for pain, heart rhythm problems, menopausal symptoms, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Humulus Lupulus: Hops has a history of traditional use in Western Herbal medicine for insomnia and sleep disturbances. Research has found that hops promotes sedative and anxiolytic axtivity by influencing the endogenous levels and activity of GABA, melatonin, serotonin and adenosine.


Lavandula: Lavender’s ability to soothe nerves and relieve stress can be a gift in countless situations. Its uses range from helping people calm down and get a good night’s sleep to managing sleeplessness, anxiety, and menstrual cramps. Lavender can be quiet effective in the clearing of depression. A gentle strengthen herb for the nervous system.


Melissa officinalis: Lemon balm is said to soothe symptoms of stress, help you to relax, and boost your mood.


Rosa: Wild rose softens the areas that we tense to protect ourselves, unraveling emotional tension patterns that get locked in the body. Rose naturally works in places where 'flow' is impeded. Rose unwinds the stuck-ness that is often rooted in old grief, old trauma.


Withania Somnifera: Ashwagandha's benefits is that it is gently sedative and supports healthy sleep cycles. Its species name issomnifera,which refers to its use to support sleep. Rather than think of it as an herb for acute insomnia, it is something that is taken over time to restore nervous system health and restore healthy sleep cycles.

Directions: 20 drops three times a day in a glass of water



Sleep Ezy mist

Want a night full of sweet dreams? Sweet Dreams Mist gives you the vibrational shifting power of flower essences combined with the healing potential and therapeutic aroma of essential oils. This is a flower essence mist to help you or your child unwind for a more peaceful night. Slows down racing thoughts and 'monkey mind' syndrome allowing you to relax and switch off. Can be used in the afternoon and again before bedtime. Use around yourself and the bedroom and it can even be sprayed onto pillows. Sweet Dreams mist will help create a different energetic space to connect with the subconscious mind and switch off from the conscious thoughts. Wonderful for kids and adults as part of your bedtime routine. For Kids: Sometimes it's a struggle to get kids to 'calm down and unwind' at night, with so much activity and learning during the day, children don't know how to commence the process of relaxing at night as their brain is still switched on. Sweet Dreams Mist will assist with relaxing and switching off prior to bedtime.

Directions: Gently shake and mist 3-4 sprays into the air above your head and let the mist settle over you. Alternatively, mist 3-4 sprays in front of you and walk through the mist. Can also be used as a room mist to add the flower essence vibrations and beautiful scent to the space you are in. Spray around the room and into any area that needs an energy shift. Wonderful for your living areas, bedrooms, car, offices, classrooms and workspaces.

Sleep Easy Pack

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