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In 1995 Sandra O'Connell (ND) completed her studies of Naturopathy with the Australian College of Natural Medicine, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 


Naturopathic studies in Australia is a 4 year full time study, in which Clinical Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology is studied over  4 years, incorporating Massage, Flower Essences, Mineral Therapy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Iridology (physical & emotional), and Touch for health.  Sandra has a wealth of knowledge, almost 25 years clinical experience, in treating people with various health issues.

Sandra's main form of assessment used in her clinic, along with other functional medicine testing is Iridology. Sandra was fascinated with iridology when she was studying at College, while learning about the Diagnostic tool, she was using family members to practice on. When one day looking at her sisters eyes, detected an unusual marking, laughed it off, and thought it was all hocus pocus, until 7 years later, the reading was confirmed, my sister suffered an aneurysm. We are grateful to this day for all the doctors and surgeons that worked on her, and she is alive to tell her story of the incredible journey she had.

Sandra went on to study more of this incredible tool and uses it in her practice everyday, with incredible results and information from peoples eyes. 

Sandra worked with a vitamin company - Natures Own as a Naturopath and travelled around Australia and overseas, Fiji, Vanuatu, Hong Kong & Dubai conducting introductory Iridology consultations and presented seminars on various health topics. She gained great experience in the field of Iridology during these consultations, as some days were filled with 100 people in the one day! Gaining great exposure and a great interest, she went on the do more studies and learning in the field of Iridology. She completed a course in Physical, Emotional and Essential Iridology, and has become the First Irish Iridology Certified Instructor with IIPA.

Viewing over 20 000 eyes in the last 25 years she has gained incredible experience in the field of Iridology. She completed her studies in Sclerology and Emotional iridology almost 25 years ago. Sandra continues to study this great assessment tool and is conducting her own courses.

Iridology is the examination of the iris, the coloured parts of the eye. Every organ corresponds with a section of the iris. Observing markings, signs and discolourations on the iris surface, around the iris rim and pupil edge can indicate inherited weaknesses and strengths. Iridology can not diagnose a disease, however, it can detect underlying signs of developing symptoms at an early stage, it is like our DNA our genetic potentials.  

Sandra lectured at the CNM College in Both Dublin and Cork, and at the Kinesiology College of Ireland.


Sandra is currently consulting clients via online only. Consultations are individually geared to treat the person. Information is emailed to you for the information that is required prior to the consultation.

Sandra has gone on to develop her own herbal balm range that helps various ailments, from sinuses, headaches, muscular aches & pains, and sleep. The idea to give people a more natural herbal treatment to their ailments is what drove her to create this range, know as Raw Botanicals.  She has also created mists and flower essence formulas to help with various ailments. 

Sandra O'Connell ND

Dip.Ap.Sci Naturopathy -  (Australian College Natural Medicine 1995)

Practitioner of Herbal Medicine -  (Australian College Natural Medicine 1995)

Certificate of Nutritional Therapy - (Australian College Natural Medicine 1992)

Certificate of Flower Essences Therapy - (Australian College Natural Medicine 1992)

Certificate of Aromatherapy - (Australian College of Natural Medicine 1992)

Certificate of Massage Therapy  - (Australian College of Natural Medicine 1992)

Certificate of Mineral Therapy - (Australian College of Natural Medicine 1992)

Certificate of Iridology - (Australian College Natural Medicine 1993)

Certificate of Rayid Iridology - (Australian College of Natural Medicine 1993)

Certificate of Touch for Health - (Australian Kinesiology Association 1993)

Public Speaking skills - (Australian Institute of Management 1997)
Certificate IV Work Place Trainer - (Tafe Qld 1998)

Certificate in Sclerology - (Grand Medicine 2007)

Certificate IV Bookkeeping - (Tafe Qld 2012)

Australian Bush Flower Essences Trainer - (ABFE Training 2016)

Certified Compreshensive Iridologist - (IIPA 2018)

Level 1 & 2 Iridology - (Bernard Jensen International 2019)

Rayid Iridology - (Bernard Jensen International 2019)

DNALife Certification - (Nordic Labratories 2019)

Certified Iridology Instructor  - (IIPA 2019)

Certificate of Advanced Physical Iridology (College of IRIS 2019)

Osteopathic Cranial Sacral Therapist - (Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine 2020)

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulations - 2020

Product Developer - Raw Botanicals range (Mists, Flower Essences,  Herbs and Balms)

Member of:

IIPA (International Iridologist Practitioner Association)

ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

GNC (General Naturopathic Council)

NTOI (Nutritional Therapist of Ireland) 

Health rebates are available through Irish Life 




Sandra O'Connell


Location for Clinic:

Online & face to face 

1 Old, Mallow - Dublin Rd, Coolnanave, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, P67 X660

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