Bites, Stings, Coldsores and Blisters

This balm has so many uses it should be in everyone’s home!

Great for cuts, bites, acne, cold sores. I have had customers rave about the incredible results on this balm! Definitely a must to add to your shopping basket.


Ingredients: Combination of Beeswax, Shea Butter, Tamanu Oil & Lavender and combined essential oils.  

Directions: Apply to affected area. Can also be used a repellent for horseflies and mosquitoes. 



Customer reviews


CM 20th July 2022

Got my bite/sting balm this morning, absolutely brilliant. I tried everything for a bite and was gone mad from the itch, the minute I put the balm on the itch was gone. Thank you Sandra 😊


CK 20th July 2022

Wow Sandra, your cream is like a magic potion, worked a treat on my bite. Thanks again x


KL 18th July 2022

I recently ordered the first aid box and you weren't joking about the bites and stings cream. I checked the mirror before leaving the house this morning and had a bite above my mouth, I put the cream on and covered with concealer and within 5 minutes it was completely gone, definitely bringing this on holidays with me, thanks so much

Bites, Stings, Coldsores & Blisters Balm