Calm Balm 30gms 

Calm balm is a combination of infused herbs and essential oils, designed to calm and soothe children, teenagers and adults  in moments of distress or upset. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


When to Use: Anytime a child is feeling emotional and overwhelmed. Ideal to use after a hard day at school or when they are particularly anxious or upset. Also perfect to use as part of a bedtime routine to encourage sleep. 



Essential oil Vetiver,  Vetiver oil is best used to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety, primarily for its calming effects.

Lavender can reduce anxiety and help calm people in stressful situations.

Chamomile oils has the ability to calm & reduce anxiety.


Directions: apply to your wrists as a perfume, or to the soles of your feet before bed. 


Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 


Calm Balm