Castor Oil Pack 


1 x Heat Wheat Bag

1 x Cotton Face Cloth

1 x 50ml Castor oil 


Benefits of a castor oil pack and how to make one at home 

Castor oil packs can 

▪️increase lymphatic drainage
▪️detoxify the body
▪️strengthen the immune system
▪️improve bowel movements
▪️reduce food sensitivities
▪️decrease inflammation
▪️prevent disease
▪️enhance overall health
▪️improves circulation to organs 
▪️reduces gallbladder inflammation 
▪️stimulates bile flow which aids digestion 

Here’s what you need:

1. A bottle of organic castor oil. 
2. A piece of organic cotton flannel or cotton face towel. 
3. A heat wheat bag 
4. A large plastic bag, like zip lock or the plastic bag the heat wheat comes in. 
5. An old towel (castor oil permanently stains, so it’s best to use an old towel) and make sure you don’t do this with your best PJs. 

(all contained in this pack) 

How to do a castor oil pack:

1. Place the piece of flannel or face towel in a large glass dish
2. Drizzle castor oil over the flannel or face towel until it’s saturated.
3. Heat the wheat bag 2-3 minutes in the microwave (or 10 minutes in oven wrapped in foil) 
4. Set the dish with the flannel or cotton towel, the plastic bag, and old towel on your bed side locker or next to the bed.
5. Lie down and place the cotton flannel or cotton face towel on the area of concern. For example: the liver, thyroid, breast, joint, etc.
6. Put the plastic bag on top of the flannel or face towel. 
7. Place the heat wheat bag on top of the plastic bag and flannel.
8. Place the old towel on top of the heat wheat bag.
9. Lie down and keep the castor oil pack on for about 1 hour. Then remove the pack and wipe the area with the old towel to remove any castor oil.
10. Repeat as necessary.

Heat Wheat Pillow

Our handmade microwaveable wheat bags can be placed anywhere on the body for a natural way to soothe aches & pains.

Comforting, warming and relaxing they make the perfect gift.

Filled with cleaned wheat, and Irish homegrown lavender buds.

Simply place the whole wheat bag in a clean microwave with a rotary turntable for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes at 500- 1000 watts.

They can also be chilled in a freezer or the fridge for use on sprains. Leave it in the plastic bag it comes in and place it in the freezer for 15 mins. 


Size Approx 47cm X 14cm 

100% Irish Made

Suitable for all ages over 36 months


Castor Oil Packs