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Chakra Healing with Sandra O'Connell 


The chakras are energy centres within our bodies. Originating more than 2000 years ago, the chakras were used as focal points for meditation in ancient esoteric practices of India. 


Modern chakra philosophy uses a seven chakra system - with each chakra corresponding to certain human qualities. For example, your throat chakra is related to communication, and your heart chakra is related to love. 


When your chakras are balanced, you flourish as your most energetically aligned and vibrant self. 


Then, when you feel out of sorts, you can focus on your problem area and bring yourself back into alignment by balancing the overactive or underactive chakra.


Aromatherapy & Flower Essences are one of the most effective ways of self-healing with the chakras. Each pure essential oil and flower essence has a vibrational match to the energy of a particular chakra point.


I have created this program for you to go on a healing journery with each chakra. 


You will cover: 

- What are chakras
- Explore each chakra 
- Symbols & correspondences associated with each one

- Illness occurring as a result of imbalances of each chakra

- Function of each chakra
- Areas of the body they govern
 - Foods to eat to balance each chakra ( recipes are included)
- Purpose of each chakra


You will recieved: 

- a downloadable workbook  (58 pages)

- a pack of mini  chakra flower essences to take during your course 

- a pack of mini chakra mists to use during your course 

This journey will help with any spiritual, physical and emotional blockages. 


Chakras are thought to provide subtle energy that helps your organs, mind, and intellect work at their best level.


Please note

There is no support group with this,  it is a self paced program done in your own time. Take as long or as short as you wish. 

You will be posted the mists and flower essences in the post once the order is processed. 

Your workbook is emailed to you once the order is received  (please check your junk folder just in case) 


If you have any questions, please email me on

Charka Program

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