One of the most alarming trends in health and wellbeing today is the dramatic rise in the number of children being diagnosed with conditions that fall under the Autistic Spectrum umbrella. In many developed countries such as the US and UK it is now conservatively estimated that the rate of children with autism is 1:60. Many medical experts say the actual rate is much higher. The consequences of this rising tide is having an immense impact, not only on the individual children themselves, but also on their families, the medical and education systems and in fact the whole community. There is a tremendous amount of ignorance and confusion amongst all sectors dealing with this problem.
This combination of flower essences helps children or adults, that may have difficulty in learning, and processing things. Helps with reading and writing, flexibility, obessessions, frustrations and feeling of doing things in a set order.
A person may find they are not so obsessed or frustrated and find more flexibility in doing things.

Flower Essences Comm 30mls