Focus mist gives you the vibrational shifting power of flower essences combined with the healing potential and therapeutic aroma of essential oils. This mist assists with clarity, concentration and focus when working, speaking, reading or studying or anything that requires your full attention.It balances the intuitive and cognitive processes and helps integrate ideas and information. Great for new mums that have the condition 'baby brain' or brain fog due to sleep deprivation. And think of using this mist in your office or work space, your study and any room where there are assignments and study going on! Keep it on the desk to remind you to spritz around you and your space when the brain is getting a work out!

Directions: Gently shake and mist 3-4 sprays into the air above your head and let the mist settle over you. Alternatively, mist 3-4 sprays in front of you and walk through the mist. Can also be used as a room mist to add the flower essence vibrations and beautiful scent to the space you are in. Spray around the room and into any area that needs an energy shift. Wonderful for your living areas, bedrooms, car, offices, classrooms and workspaces.

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Keep away from pets

Focus Me Mist 50mls