Headache Relief Balm

Now in a larger jar for the same price.


Tight shoulder muscles, neck pain can all lead to headaches


Feedback from a customer: 'Hi Sandra. Your headache relief arrived very timely this morning. I was waiting for the postman as I had a migraine started and didn't want to take anything in order to try your balm. I would say within 10 minutes of applying it I started to get relief... It's a real winner - A Treacy'


Ingredients: peppermint oil, lavender, blackpepper and ginger in a base of capsicum oil, to help with nerve pain and inflammation associated with headaches

Directions: apply to neck, temples and front forehead when head ache is present. Also apply to the soles of the feet. When headache is present, best results also with increase water and rest.


Packaged in a recyclable glass jar.

Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding

All organic and natural sources.

Handmade in very small batches.

Headache Relief Balm