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Herbal First Aid Kit


1 x Calendula Balm 15gm

1 x Bites and Stings 15gms

1 x Muscle Eze 15gms

1 x Calm Balm 15gms

1 x Dream Balm 15gms

1 x Clear Balm 15gms

1 x Relief Balm 15gms

1 x metal tin 



Clear Balm (Sinus Relief)

Directions: Apply to neck, temples and forehead when congestion is present. Also apply to the soles of the feet, and the big toe and side of toe as this is the sinus reflexology point.


Relief Balm (Headache Relief)

Directions: Apply to neck, temples and forehead, soles of the feet and big toe as this is the reflexology point for the head area. Best results also with increase water and rest.


Bites, Stings, Blisters Balm (Cold sores, Bites, Stings)

Directions: apply to affected area.


Calm Balm: (Anxiety, Tension & Stress)

Directions: Apply to the wrist, forehead andTemple


Calendula Balm (Antifungal & Antibacterial, Cold sores, Dry skin, Eczema)

Directions: apply to affected area.


Muscle Eze Balm: (sprains, bruises swelling)

Directions: rub onto area that maybe swollen, bruises or sore. Do not apply to any open cuts or wounds.


Dream Balm: (Aids Sleep, Stress, Anxiety)

Directions: apply a small amount of balm to temples and to wrists before bed and if you wake up during the night, apply a small amount to the soles of the feet.


Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Not recommended for children under 8 years. Do not ingest.



Customer review

KL 18th July 2022

I recently ordered the first aid box and you weren't joking about the bites and stings cream. I checked the mirror before leaving the house this morning and had a bite above my mouth, I put the cream on and covered with concealer and within 5 minutes it was completely gone, definitely bringing this on holidays with me, thanks so much

Herbal First Aid Kit

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