Wild Yam Balm

Women experience all sorts of "symptoms" when the menstrual cycle begins to change, as we age. dryness, night sweat, and a sudden need for some sort of "lubrication" . All signs of our shifting hormones, just like puberty. All of these issues seem to stem from low progesterone. Progesterone, is so critical for keeping our estrogens balanced. The progesterone is made from wild yam. With so many estrogens in our outer world, it is difficult for our bodies to keep up the production. Hence, the emergence of bio-identical hormone products and wild yam creams. Chemical and hormone free. Women everywhere these days suffer from hormone imbalance, ie menopause, peri-menopause, PMS, and many more issues. Estrogen in our food and environment is contributing to this problem. Wild yam is a herb that has been used for hormone issues by herbalists and native peoples for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties.


This balm is incredibly silky, luxurious and smells Amazing!!


Ingredients: wild yam, vitex, and a blend of essential oils and flower essences.


Directions: Rub it under the arms and inside your thighs or can be used all over the arms and legs.

Not recommended in pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Not recommended under the age of 15years

Wild Yam Balm