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Raw Botanicals Wild Yam Balm 30gms


Women experience all sorts of "symptoms" when the menstrual cycle begins to change, as we age. dryness, night sweat, and a sudden need for some sort of "lubrication" . All signs of our shifting hormones.


Women everywhere these days suffer from hormone imbalance, ie menopause, peri-menopause, PMS, and many more issues. Wild yam is a herb that has been used for hormone issues by herbalists and native peoples for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, to help aid womens hormones.

This balm is incredibly silky, luxurious and smells Amazing!!


Natural relief from menstrual cramps while supporting hormonal balance, temperature swings and mood balance.


Contains a synergy of essential oils to create a balancing and harmonious effect.

A proven formulation to effectively assist with symptoms resulting from hormone imbalance.


*Precaution:* Please do not use if you have suffered from breast cancer.



Hormonal Imbalance

Temperature Swings

Mood Balance

Muscle Tension


Ingredients: Vitex Agnus Castus + Wild Yam + Beeswax

Directions: Massage it under the arms and inside your thighs morning or night. Do not apply during times of your period.


For external use only. As directed massage well into chest, neck, breasts, abdomen, inner arms & thighs, these are areas of the body where the cream is particularly well absorbed. Select one location for each application.                                       


For Menstrual Discomfort: Start on Day 12 to 20 with 1/4 small 2.5ml teaspoon am & pm then Day 21 to 28 with 1/2 a small teaspoon am & pm. 

For Menopause: Start on Day 7 with 1/4 of a small 2.5ml teaspoon am & pm then as above creating a new cycle if necessary.

NB: Day 1 is always the start of your period.


Do not apply to open wounds.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not ingest.

Not recommended for children under 13 years of age.

Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Not recommended if on hormonal treatment or medication, such as tamoxifen or HRT 


Please seek medical help if your night sweats are extreme.


Wild Yam Balm 30gms

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