Warming Balm 60gms


This balm helps with poor circulation.

Do you suffer from cold hands and feet? Then this balm is for you. This warming cream is used as a massage rub to comfort muscles, joints, backs and ease neck tension. Stimulates blood supply to the extremities such as fingers and toes.

Not recommended for tone with heart issues or blood pressure problems.

Keep out of reach of children

Does not burn the skin

Useful in cold weather to stimulate circulation and protect against effects of extremely cold weather such as chilblains.


Ingredients: Cera Alba, Capsicum minimum, Symphytum officinale, Lavendula augustifolia, Zingiber officinale, piper nigrum, cinnamomum campora bark oil.


Directions: Massage onto neck to relieve tension and avoid tension headaches

Packaged in a recyclable glass jar.

Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Warming Balm