Womens Health formula supports health Estrogen and Progesterone metabolism, while addressing the Endocrine system - Adrenals, Ovaries & Thyroid.

This formulation also helps with the liver in detoxification and the bowel to help it stay regular, and helping the body to eliminate toxins that we get exposed to everyday.

Helps to increase energy and also helps in promoting better sleep.

This formula also helps in decreasing inflammation, by supporting the adrenal system.



Plantago - helps to regulate the bowels.

Silybum Marianm - helps support the liver and aids in detoxification

Glycyrrhiza glabra - is an adaptogenic, which helps to increase our energy, and also helps us cope with stress, supporting our adrenal systems.

Withania Somnifera - helps to support our thryoid hormone and our adrenals

Vitex agnus castus - progesteronic effect and helps with ovarian and dopamine regulation

Eleutherococccus senticosus - helps to increase energy and also is an adaptogenic. Adaptogenic herbs,  work to counteract the effects of stress in the body. Stress causes very real physical changes in the body, including harming the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems

Salvia rosmarinus - great for memory and also helps to support the liver in detoxification, great for hormone regulation

Citrus - to support the digestive system and the liver to detoxifiy

Zingiber officinale - to help improve circulation and helps to decrease inflammation

Rubus idaeus - helps in alkalising the system and supporting the liver

Punica granatum - helps with estrogen balance

Taraxacum - supports the liver in detoxification and the digestive system

Cinnamomomum verum - helps to regulate blood sugar

Actaea racemosa - helps with estrogen balance and aids metabolism

Fucus verculosus - thyroid health and metabolism

Also contains a combination of Australian flower essences to help balance female hormones.


Not recommended for anyone on medication.

Not recommended for anyone wanting to fall pregnant.


Directions: 20 drops in a glass of water three times a day.




Womens Health 100mls